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 1. Who are you and where are you from?

- On that question we are not allowed to speak, because it has no point for asking from you side and also no reason. We are there for selling sure matches to you, our costumers and potential clients, how you can invest money instead of gambling and win more money back. The gambling (slot, roulette, etc) are the biggest mistakes which people use to play to win money. The more clear way is sports (soccer) betting, in which circle we have the our agents for bringing the sure matches.

2 Why if matches lose?

- Our matches are sure, bring by our matches agent who have good connections worldwide and for sure, matches won every time.

3. Why do you sell matches, instead of play by your own?

- We do play some tickets and matches by our own, but there is problem, when you win everyday, every weekend, big sum of money (if you win thousand of euros in just one week, millions in a month), it can make someone to think and at the end we could have problems with the law, and sport betting sites, and houses. When we sell our matches to the limited number of people every weekend, worldwide, there is no reason and clear way to have problems with. We are giving the sure matches, people win, also, we have the money. We pay all the taxes and everyone is happy and satisfied. So, yes, we do play by our own, but it's maybe one time in a month and instead of going from city to city, site to site for bet, we are at one place, working and being paid for that.

4. What's your payment methods

- Our payment methods, are posted on our site, so everyone can see the available payment methods. These payment methods are the most used, and payment methods which everybody can accept, and be touch with. Western Union, MoneyGram, Skrill, Neteller, cryptocurrencies.

5. Can I pay after?

- No. We do not accept payment after, because of our safety reasons. There are a lot of you, and we are the same for everyone of you, and our rules are for everyone.

6. Can I have test match?

- Yes. We are giving test matches, but not every weekend. On our site you will have pre-weekend offer promotions, when you will have the chance to have your test sure match, but only in limited number and only when we will have that promotion which is maybe one in a month or twice in three months, it depends of the situation.